New Year, New Name for Social Media Conference

Preparations are well under way for the second annual social media conference in the Central Sierra and I want to let everyone know about what’s new for the conference this year.

First, we have changed the name. While our association with the 140 Characters family of conferences was excellent and hugely helpful, this year we felt the need to create a program and build an identity that is unique to the Central Sierras. We move forward as the Motherlode Innovation Summit On Technology: Social Edition. This is a mouthful, so we expect to be better known as the MIST Conference.

Our format is still unique and fast-paced. We will spend the morning together hearing from our presenters. Presentations are limited to 10-20 minutes each, to allow as many people as possible to share their stories. In the afternoon, we will break into smaller groups for hands-on sessions led by technology experts.

The conference takes place June 6, 2012 at Columbia College. We will make use of their large presentation space (the Dogwood Forum), as well as several smaller classrooms. WiFi access is fast and available anywhere on campus. Lunch and an after-conference reception will be provided by the Culinary Department, which is renowned for their outstanding food service.

As our commitment to making the conference as widely accessible as possilble, ticket prices are the same as last year:

  • Early-bird (through 4/30) – $59.00
  • General admission – $89.00
  • Scholarship price for non-profit staff,
    educators and students – $20.00*

Learn more about the conference and register now at

We hope to see you there, as we continue to build social media connections within our communities. No matter what your current level of experience with the technology of social media, you will come away informed, inspired and ready to go to work.

*To receive the scholarship price, use the coupon code np-edu-early (prior to 5/1) or np-edu (after 5/1). Our thanks to Frontporch for providing these schoolarships again this year.

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