About Us

Webdancers has grown up with the web and knows its intricacies as few other web design companies can. Since our founding in 1995, we have been creating websites that give our clients a voice on the most powerful and far-reaching communications platform the world has ever known. We love technology (and buttons that light up), but more than that, we are excited by the opportunities the web presents to connect our clients to their audience. You have a mission; we want to help you deliver it through an effectively designed website.

Our successful process is to work closely with our clients to understand their strategic goals, then create purpose-built websites focused on achieving them. To do this, we ask why as often as we ask what. We are seeking clients who are eager to engage in this creative and interactive style of work. We value ongoing relationships and evolving our clients’ online presence over time.

From our home base in California’s Central Sierra, Webdancers has served clients nationwide, founded on the best practices of of clean design, effective programming, clear communications and understanding the needs of our clients.

Greg Falken, Founder

Greg Falken

Greg Falken has been helping businesses and organizations develop their internet presence since the earliest days of the web. He brings a strong background in media and communications, along with technology expertise that focuses on integrating digital technologies into day-to-day business environments. This background and experience fuels his ongoing fascination with the intersection of computers, the internet and communications.

Along the path of a varied career, Greg has worked as a recording engineer for A&M Records and as a commercial pilot. He has flown throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, in everything from an open cockpit biplane to corporate jets and turboprops. He founded Webdancers in 1995 and has since helped hundreds of companies establish and maintain a profitable online presence.