Expert Web Design

Need to freshen up your existing website or build something brand new?

Your website is the first impression that many people have of your business or organization. It is the hub of your online presence and the key to connecting with your customers. A great website speaks to your potential customers, giving them the information they’re looking for, and prompting their “next step”. It will influence their decision to buy your product or service, while giving you the ability to make a connection.

Webdancers has been building websites since 1995, and we know the ins and outs of how to make the internet and websites work for you and your business. We have created hundreds of websites across a wide spectrum of industries, from medical to manufacturing – and everything in between – and bring all this expertise to serve you. We will work closely with you to learn about your business or organization and design a website that meets your goals. 

Building a website for today’s world

Why refresh? If it’s been over three years since you refreshed your website, you risk:

  • Looking dated.
  • Having platform issues that could impact your SEO and ability to adapt to all mobile devices.
  • Not using the technology that today’s customers expect to see.

Websites have changed radically in the last few years, and if your website was built prior to that, it’s time to refresh. The visitor to your website may be sitting at a desk looking at a 27″ monitor or sitting on a bus using a 6″ smart phone. Today’s websites need to work on both and everything in between. Every website we build utilizes responsive design and the latest web standards to achieve this goal.

Our designs reflect your company’s image. Whether it’s hip, elegant, conservative, large or small, your website will project a lasting impression on your customers. And our coding expertise ensures that the design is consistent across all modern web browsers and the content is accessible to search engine crawlers.

A contemporary website is more than just pretty pictures. It also gives you and your customers the tools you need to do business. Depending on your needs, Webdancers can provide contact forms, document repositories, business directories, e-commerce systems and almost anything else that you can imagine.


Whether you are selling goods or services, physical or digital products, Webdancers can set you up to sell online. Your customers have access to your products at any time of the day or night and can pay using a variety of transaction systems. Our shopping cart and checkout systems are created with ease of use in mind, improving conversion rates and increasing profits!